Horse Cookies!

Today’s order was for these horse cookies for a young lady’s classroom birthday celebration! We sure enjoyed making these, and hope the cookies were enjoyed!IMG_7471

Family Birthdays Celebrated!

IMG_7324IMG_7325IMG_7326We were able to get away to the beach last week to surprise our son for his 40th birthday, and to celebrate two other May birthdays in the family. We totally pulled off the surprise, and a great time was had by all!

Strawberry Lemon Bars!

I came across this recipe recently that looked SO delicious. I already love Lemon Bars so the combination of lemon and strawberry would be all that much better, I thought. I always follow the recipe exactly the first time, and then tweak it the second time around. The tweaking involved here will be to increase the strawberry and decrease the lemon. The lemon dominated this luscious looking bar, so with a little fine tuning next time, I think we’ll have a winner!IMG_7307

Veggie Tales!

A returning customer from Trenton, New Jersey ordered these Veggie Tale Cookies for her little one’s first birthday party this weekend! Thanks SO much Marisol for your return business! It is greatly appreciated!


Baby Wolves and Foxes!

Our granddaughter loves wolves and foxes, and wanted them to be represented on cookies to share with her classmates for her 7th birthday! Happy Birthday again Izzy! Hope the kids enjoyed the cookies!IMG_7300IMG_8422 We love you!

90 Years in Business!

Schreiner’s Iris Gardens is celebrating 90 years in business this weekend, and we were asked to make these cookies for the festivities. We congratulate them for so many years in business, what an accomplishment!Schreiners Thank you, Liz, for choosing Love at First Bite – Confections by Debby to help with this very important event!

Blue Batman!

My little grandson’s preschool is celebrating his 4th birthday today. His birthday is in the summer but preschool gets out in June, so they thoughtfully remember to celebrate those summer birthdays! Treats like cupcakes, however, are not permitted due to the fact that preschool is held in the morning and lets out before the wee ones have even had their lunch, so instead of treats, he gets to wear a crown today,  and is in charge of ALL the tasks that are normally given out to several children on a regular day. BUT what Grandmother who makes cupcakes and cookies for a living, could let their grandson be celebrated today with no treat?! So, this Grammy made a Batman Cupcake (one of his favorite Super Hero’s)IMG_7283 for her special little grandson to have later today at home!