Bridal Shower this weekend!

Some special folks are having a bridal shower in Bakersfield, CA this Saturday, so yesterday we shipped these cookies for the event. Wisteria is the

color scheme. Hope everyone enjoys our cookies! Wisteria Cookies

Batman Cookies for Valentine’s Day!

During the busyness of Wurstfest, I was unable to get these pictures posted, but wanted to share a picture of my grandson in his Batman costume this past Halloween. To say he LOVES Batman is putting

it mildly!  So during my search for Vintage Valentine Edible Images to place on our cookies, I stumbled on the image you see on this cookie in the picture attached that says “Hi, I’m Batty about you!” It was the perfect edible image to place on the

cookies for him to share at his Daycare and Preschool Valentine parties!Luke BatmanBatman Cookie

Wurstfest this past weekend!

Wanted to share some pictures of our booth at Mt. Angel’s Wurstfest, a German Festival. We had cupcakes and cookies to sell, and it was a smashing success. Looking forward to next year!Booth PicBooth Side ViewDirndl Lederhosen 2015Valentine Cookies 2015Wurstfest Cupcakes 2015

Cupcakes for the Ladies!

Life Church is putting on meetings today for some special ladies, and they chose cupcakes from Love at First Bite – Confections by Debby for a treat for which we are so grateful! Flavors chosen are Triple Chocolate Euphoria, Lemon cupcakes with Lemon Curd Filling topped with Lemon Buttercream (wonderful bursts of lemony goodness), and lastly Red Velvet Cupcakes. We also included a box of Gluten Free Chocolate and Red Velvet, so those on Gluten Free Diets don’t miss out! Thanks so much Debi for this order! So glad you found us!Church Cupcakes

Wurstfest coming soon!

We have been busy bees here at Love at First Bite – Confections by Debby getting ready for our booth at Mt. Angel’s Wurstfest coming up February 13th and 14th at the Festhalle in Mt. Angel from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. on Friday and Saturday.  We will be selling German Chocolate Cupcakes, Cherry Chip Cupcakes topped with a Chocolate Covered Cherry, and Vanilla Cupcakes for those looking for a simpler flavor. All 3 flavors will be decked out for Valentine’s Day! In addition, we will be selling these specialty cookies pictured here. Our German Dirndl’s and Lederhosen’s are back by popular demand but decorated with a nod to Valentine’s Day. In addition we will be featuring 8 different Vintage Valentine Cookies for the kids!Dirndl 2015Lederhosen 2015Vintage Valentine Cookies

Pink Onesies!

A baby shower was held on Saturday for a special little baby girl that’s on the way.  The color scheme was pink and these onesie cookie favors were ordered! The baby’s name is Autumn, so we embellished the cookies with a fondant A! Always great to get orders from new customers, so we thank you Carolyn and Kristin for this order, and Love at First Bite – Confections by Debby wishes your family all the best on the arrrival of Baby Autumn soon!Pink Onesie Cookies

More Ninja’s!

We celebrated our grandson’s 8th birthday a couple of days ago. The theme for the cupcakes was Ninja’s! We made double chocolate cupcakes with buttercream frosting, and topped them with fondant Ninja’s made lovingly by his Grandpa! Happy Birthday to our sweet Ty!Ninja Cupcakes