New version of our Santa Suit Cookies!

Santa SuitsThis year we’ve changed up the look of our Santa Suit Cookies. We’ve blinged up the belt and added fondant buttons!

Ninja Cookies!

Our grandson has a December birthday that happens to land during Christmas Break from school, so today being the last day of school, he took these Ninja Cookies to celebrate with his class. Hope they are enjoyed!Ninja Cookies

Gingerbread Boys and Girls!

What says Christmas more than Gingerbread?! The wonderful aroma of Gingerbread fills the whole house when they’re baking and it is heavenly! These little boys and girls have been ordered several times over this season for little individual gifts to wish folks a very Merry Christmas!Gingerbread Boys and Girls

Christmas Cookies!

We had a large order of these 5 Christmas Cookie Styles. Poinsettias, Christmas Trees, Santa Suits, Gingerbread, and a vintage style cookie using an edible image called Bringing Home the Tree! 5 Cookies

Little Mason Jar gifts!

These little mason jars were filled with peppermint sugar cookies and decked out for the holidays!Peppermint Cookie Jars

Red Velvet Christmas!

These Red Velvet Cupcakes decked out for Christmas were ordered as gifts for clients. May they be enjoyed!Red Velvet Cupcakes

On the subject of French Macarons!

Have any of you out there attempted French Macarons? I can tell you they are a challenge! No wonder the specialty bakeries that carry them charge $2 and $3 apiece for such a tiny but heavenly little cookie! It’s not the ingredients but the method that warrants the cost. For those of you who are not familiar with them, they are a meringue and almond meal cookieMacarons flavored any way you can imagine and the fillings can be all sorts of yummy things. This is my first attempt, Peppermint Macarons. I obviously have more to learn and will post more pictures as my skills improve!  Wish me luck!